1869 -1870 Census Data

1869 -1870

The Hamilton Child Company of Syracuse, New York produced directories of New York counties for 1869. These directories are useful in conjunction with the 1870 US census, and are available at many New York State libraries and historical societies either in print or on microfilm. In producing these directories, a few residents may have been missed. Absence of a family or person does not always mean that they didn’t live there. In transcribing this material we have kept the original spelling and punctuation.


From Gazetteer and Business Directory of Herkimer County, N.Y. 1869-70
published by Hamilton Child & Co., Syracuse, NY 1869

( post office addresses in parentheses )


Abel, James(Van Hornesville)hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 163
Armstrong, William(Starkville)farmer leases of S. Harwick Ellsworth, 106
Arndt, Catherine Mrs.(Van Hornesville)farmer 50
Arndt, John(Starkville)retired farmer
Arndt, John, Jr.(Starkville)farmer 165
Atwood, Rosaloo(Van Hornesville)carpenter
Backus, Daniel(Van Hornesville)farmer 80
Backus, James M.(Van Hornesville)farmer leases of Thos. Snyder, 290
Bauder, John H.(Starkville)farmer 170
Bauder, John H.(Starkville)farmer 180
Bauder, Peter(Starkville)farmer 200
Beebe, Lyman M.(Starkville)poultry dealer and farmer 1
Borst, Benjamin(Van Hornesville)farmer 5
Borst, Uriah(Van Hornesville)carpenter and joiner
Broner, Barnard(Paine’s Hollow)carpenter
Broner, Christian(Van Hornesville)farmer 15
Broner, Frederick(Richifield Springs, Otsego Co.)retired farmer 280
Broner, John C.(Van Hornesville)farmer leases of Christian Broner, 7
Bronner, Daniel J.(Paine’s Hollow)prop. of Bethel Cheese Box Factory and Saw Mill
Bronner, Isaac D.(Van Hornesville)farmer 107
Bronner, Manly D.(Van Hornesville)thrasher and farmer 1
Brunner, Christian C.(Van Hornesville)farmer 1
Calman, William(Paine’s Hollow)farmer leases of Calman estate, 160
Casler, Aaron(Starkville)farmer leases of Andrew Wagner, 217
Casler, E.(Starkville)grocer
Casler, Englehart(Starkville)peddler and farmer 4
Casler, Monroe(Paine’s Hollow)carpenter
Casler, Silas(Paine’s Hollow)carpenter
Cassady, Daniel(Van Hornesville)with James, farmer leases of Elmira Keller, 130
Cassady, James(Van Hornesville)with Daniel, farmer leases of Emira Keller, 130
Champion, Abram B.(Starkville)farmer leases of Joel Champion, 145
Champion, Asahel S.(Starkville)A.S. & W. Champion
Champion, A.S. & W.(Starkville)Asabel S. and Washington, coopers, cabinet makers and farmers 80
Champion, Elisha(Starkville)prop. Eagle Hotel and farmer 45
Champion, Joel(Starkville)hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 145
Champion, Washington(Starkville)A.S. & W. Champion
Chappell, Hiram(Van Hornesville)carpenter
Christman, Levi(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 173
Clark, James(Van Hornesville)farmer 2
Connine, Cornelius J.(Van Hornesville)farmer 104
Conrad, Nicholas(Starkville)hop raiser and farmer 13
Conrad, Nicholas H.(Starkville)farmer leases of James D. Snyder, 6
Countryman, Alfred(Starkville)mason
Countryman, George D.(Paine’s Hollow)shoe maker
Countryman, Isaac(Van Hornesville)farmer 45
Countryman, Oliver(Starkville)carpenter and joiner and farmer 9
Countryman, William(Starkville)farmer 71
Cramer, A.D. & Bro.(Van Hornesville)cider and vinegar factory
Cramer, John(Starkville)farmer leases of Mrs. Mary E. Mowers, 90
Cronkhite, Henry J.(Starkville)farmer leases of W. W. Harwick, New York, 143
Davis, Charles D.(Starkville)cheese maker at Starkville Cheese Factory
Deck, Harvey(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 100
Degarmo, Abram(Starkville)Hall & Degarmo
De Long, Charles(Starkville)toll gate keeper
Dingman, Aaron(Van Hornesville)farmer leases of Peter S. Smith and Moses Snyder, 160
Duesler, Andrew C.(Starkville)blacksmith
Ecker, Benjamin(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 72
Ecker, David F.(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 86
Ecker, Henry H.(Van Hornesville)farmer 190
Ecker, T. E., Mrs.(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 86
Ecker, Wm.(Van Hornesville)retired farmer 122
Ecker, William A.(Paine’s Hollow)dairyman and farmer leases of Mrs. T. E. Ecker, 86
Eckler, Abram(Van Hornesville)farmer 81
Eckler, Allen(Van Hornesville)farmer 86
Eckler, Benjamin H.(Van Hornesville)farmer leases of Jacob M. Shauls, 160
Eckler, Henry(Van Hornesville)farmer 2
Eldridge, Cyrus(Starkville)carpenter
Eldridge, John(Starkville)farmer 1
Eldridge, Robert D.(Starkville)house painter
Ellsworth, Sylvester H.(Starkville)farmer 400
Elwood, Cornelius(Starkville)retired farmer
Elwood, Daniel D.(Starkville)farmer 160
Elwood, David B.(Starkville)farmer 220
Elwood, Delavan(Van Hornesville)prop. Elwood Hotel
Elwood, Elizabeth Mrs.(Van Hornesville)milliner
Elwood, Moses(Starkville)farmer 175
Elwood, Polly Mrs.(Starkville)farmer 1
Eydick, Hiram(Starkville)farmer 4
Fake, Henry(Starkville)farmer 60
Feterly, Jacob(Starkville)farmer 140
Fetterly, Isaac(Van Hornesville)shoemaker
Fetterly, Peter(Van Hornesville)farmer 15
Fikes, Adam H.(Van Hornesville)farmer 125
Fikes, Jacob(Van Hornesville)farmer 100
Fikes, Jacob A.(Van Hornesville)treasurer and salesman of Otsquago Cheese Factory and farmer 200
Fikes, James(Van Hornesville)farmer 103
Filkins, Alonzo(Van Hornesville)farmer leases of Wm. Ecker, 122
Filkins, Barnard(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 130
Filkins, Cornelius(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 123
Filkins, John(Van Hornesville)farmer 173
Fort, Ezra(Paine’s Hollow)mason and farmer 6
Fox, Abram(Van Hornesville)farmer 1
Fox, Henry(Van Hornesville)farmer leases of John Holmes, 150
Fox, Isaac(Starkville)carriage maker
Freeman, David(Van Hornesville)carpenter and farmer 5
Frost, Dennis(Van Hornesville)farmer 59
Frost, Menzo(Van Hornesville)farmer 115
Frost, Peter(Van Hornesville)farmer 46
Geyrovits, Isaac J.(Van Hornesville)carpenter and joiner
Geywits, Isaac(Van Hornesville)carpenter and joiner, prop. of saw mill, turning lathe and planing mill
Gibson, Delos D.(Starkville)hop dealer and farmer 30
Gibson, Wm. A.(Starkville)farmer 18
Golden, Thomas T.(Van Hornesville)civil engineer and farmer 5
Gray, Joseph W.(Starkville)with Levi, hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 175
Gray, Levi(Starkville)with Joseph W., hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 175
Guiwits, Frank(Starkville)general contributor to the press
Guiwits, John(Starkville)manuf. of boots and shoes
Hall, Alexander(Starkville)hop dealer and farmer 60
Hall, Alexander(Starkville)Hall & Degarmo
Hall & Degarmo(Starkville)Alex. Hall and Abram Degarmo; grist and saw mills
Hall, John(Starkville)hop dealer and farmer 45
Hall, J. R.(Starkville)J. R. Hall & son, notary public
Hall, J. R. & Son(Starkville)Robert C., general merchants
Hall, Robert C.(Starkville)J. R. Hall & Son
Hall, William S.(Paine’s Hollow)dry goods salesman and auctioneer
Harwick, John P.(Van Hornesville)farmer 107
Hawn Brothers(Starkville)John and Daniel D., farmers lease of Daniel A. Hawn, 105
Hawn, Daniel(Starkville)retired farmer 80
Hawn, Daniel D.(Starkville)Hawn Bros.
Hawn, David A.(Starkville)hop raiser, dairyman and farmer 105
Hawn, Henry(Starkville)farmer 160
Hawn, John(Starkville)Hawn Bros.
Henter, John(Van Hornesville)farmer 130
Hill, Samuel H. Rev.(Starkville)pastor M. E. Church
Himaline, Andrew(Van Hornesville)farmer leaes of Samuel Shaul, 184
Hoke, Hiram(Van Hornesville)farmer leaes of Alanson G. Young, 95
Hoke, Rufus(Paine’s Hollow)farmer 20
Hollenbeck, Franklin(Van Hornesville)carpenter and farmer 10
Hollenbeck, Jacob(Van Hornesville)mason and farmer 44
Holms, John(Springfield, Otsego Co.)farmer 250
House, Abram P.(Starkville)farmer leases of Peter Moyer, 170
House, Hiram H.(Starkville)carpenter
House, Jonathan J.(Starkville)butcher and farmer 2
Jones, Jacob(Newville)farmer 16
Jordan, Abram(Starkville)farmer 200
Jordan, Jerome(Starkville)with Abram, farmer
Keller, Elmira Mrs.(Van Hornesville)farmer 190
Kelly, Henry(Van Hornesville)with Menzo, farmer 144
Kelly, Menzo(Van Hornesville)with Henry, farmer 144
Kelly, Thos.(Van Hornesville)stone mason
Kershaw, Benjamin(Van Hornesville)patent right dealer and farmer 75
Kershaw, Jonathan J.(Van Hornesville)farmer
Kinter Richard S.(Van Hornesville)farmer 4
Krake, Chauncey(Starkville)toll gate keeper
Krill, Abram(Van Hornesville)dealer in groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, Yankee notions, &c., prop. livery, hop raiser and farmer 5
Land, Thos. H.(Van Hornesville)blacksmith
Lathrop, Anson(Van Hornesville)farmer 150
Lathrop, James(Van Hornesville)butcher and farmer 4
Lewis, Francis(Newville)farmer leases of F. Lewis, 181
Lighthall, John H.(Starkville)stock dealer, butcher and farmer 1
Lumley, Thos.(Starkville)prop. Starkville Hotel


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